Video of the week #34

Postat den August 28, 2011 i kategorierna: Everyday stuff, Unicycling, Videos

I went out shortly after it had stopped raining. It was slippery.

End of summer

Postat den August 26, 2011 i kategorierna: Everyday stuff

End of summer

The school has started again. It feels like i’ve been dropped into a big pile of shit…

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Postat den August 18, 2011 i kategorierna: Youtube

I can’t stop watch this!

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Postat den August 17, 2011 i kategorierna: Everyday stuff

Zebra kissing

Went to Frizon last week. It was awesome! But i didn’t have a key for my apartment when i came home so i had to wait outside my door for 2 hours, in rain…

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Make it to the front page of Reddit

Postat den August 2, 2011 i kategorierna: TTDBYD

I finally made it! I got more than 700 points and over 100 000 views on imgur!

Here’s the submission


Postat den August 1, 2011 i kategorierna: TTDBYD

One thing that i’ve been wanting to try for a long time is wakeboard. And now i have.

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