How to avoid getting hit by a train

Postat den June 27, 2011 i kategorierna: Youtube

This is probably the best ways to avoid accidents…

Own a goat

Postat den June 27, 2011 i kategorierna: TTDBYD

Goats are the most awesome animals you can imagine. They are among the earliest animals to be domesticated by humans, they reach puberty between 3 and 15 months of age and they like to explore new and unfamiliar things in their surroundings.

Those are only a few of the reasons why you should own a goat. There’s a whole wikipedia page with awesome stuff about goats!

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Pendulum acoustic

Postat den June 27, 2011 i kategorierna: Youtube

Amazing acoustic cover of Pendulum’s  song “Propane nightmares” which is one of my favorite songs by them.

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Postat den June 26, 2011 i kategorierna: Videos

Some videos turn out to be a huge success…

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Get your … pinched by a crab

Postat den June 23, 2011 i kategorierna: TTDBYD

It’s not a nice feeling to have more than 50 crabs in your pants…

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New blog!

Postat den June 21, 2011 i kategorierna: Blog related

So i finally managed to come up with a design that i liked for my new blog. There will be a few changes to my future blogging.

  • I will blog in english (again).
    Why? because i want more readers and i want to improve my english writing skills.
  • More blog posts.
    I will try to connect all my websites to this so when i update them, this will be updated as well.
  • I am using wordpress instead of blogspot.
    Thank goodness for that!

So i hope you will come back and read regularly and bring new readers as well!