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just wanted to make an update ūüėČ

i’ve got a concussion, tomorrow’s new year’s eve and i hope you get a lot of fun!

JeNS feat. Danowsky – it isn’t wrong

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Because We Can. Ep 5 – X-mas

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Episode 5 – X-mas

So, it’s this time of the year again… the wonderful time of joy and happiness… but look around you! not everybody are happy! See if you can find someone who’s sad, and cheer him/her up!
Anyways, in this episode we really enjoy being out of office/school, by playing around on an office chair. And also trying to get that christmas feeling…
don’t forget to say something nice to jesus too! after all, it’s his birthday! i remember my last birthday when none said anything to me… i expected a few more than just one person (whom i haven’t met since january) to say “happy birthday”. actually i don’t really care, it was just a thought… (a few more people congratulated me after my mom told them it was my birthday…)
anyways, if you read through all the way to this sentence you’re either stupid, have a slow connection or just too much free-time. happy birthday!
and i hope you enjoy this episode, because there won’t be another! (until next year or so…)
and if you wonder why i have written this video description with the length of a novel, i can tell you it’s because i have a slow connection too, and it takes about 5 hours to upload this sh*t. so i might as well write a long video description. and get as many tags as possible without being irrelevant to the video… i could write an even longer description if i wanted to, but i think i waste enough time of your life by just letting you watch the video.

Have fun! and be yourself! if you’re not that whiny type… then don’t be yourself. be happy!


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hello world!
now i’ve changed my domain name to
the reason is that i can’t reach the ftp server where is hosted and i don’t have the login details for the .info domain so i can’t redirect it to another server.
but will work just as fine and hopefully better! ūüėÄ


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i just noticed i haven’t wrote anything here for a while.. and i’m not getting as many visitors, so i’m just updating.

goats are fun ^^

Because We Can. Ep 3 – DHW09 (Dreamhack special)

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