Rymdreglage – Fruits

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DreamHack Winter 2009 – dag 1 film – Insläpp, först in på DH, intervjuer

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Because We Can. Ep 2 – Blind

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Second episode of because we can


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on tuesday the second episode of “Because We Can”(BWC) will be up!
be sure to check out www.re-koj.se so you don’t miss it!

Because We Can. Ep 1 – Hair

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because we can… what more can i say?

What’s worse?

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What if, the swineflu is just a regular flu, with a big hype over it? then you might say: “what about the people who died of it?”. Maybe they didn’t die of the flu itself.. maybe someone killed them? on the hospital, they could kill anyone and just say that they died of the flu.. and if the government is behind it, it’s even simpler! and think about it, why wouldn’t the government try and kill us? they’re talking about over-population and global warming all the time! it would just be good if a few hundred-thousand died? and maybe the vaccine is a poison to make us more vulnerable to something that will come in a month? or a year, or tomorrow… maybe it’s just water? the media can tell us anything and we believe it without criticizing it. especielly if there’s a so called “legit” doctor or other guy telling us that it is that way. one other thing to think about is that the more vaccine we get, the less resistant will our descendants be. and maybe that’s the governments plan too? to make us weak and vulnerable so they can wipe us away from the earth and keep the strong ones (read: the rich).
Maybe it’s better to not get the vaccine and have a hard time for a while? but then we might get killed, you say. yes, it’s a risk, i know. i’m not saying it’s better too, i’m just playing with the thought.

anyways, i’m vaccined. not because i wanted, because my mom forced me -.-‘ unfortunately i’m only 16 years old and can’t decide such things myself… she threatened that she wouldn’t let me go to dreamhack if i wasn’t vaccined too, so i had no choice 😉

some additional information about the vaccine…