No uni

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Today I ordered my new unicycle! 😀
but unfortunately, the guy who will put the spokes and hub on the rim, is somewhere else. and won’t come back until this weekend! so i won’t get it until next week!!!
i can’t describe how i feel deep inside me!
it’s like
a superhero with no powers,
a puzzle with a missing piece,
a movie without anything happening,
a computer with no screen,
a spy without an objective,
a song without melody or rythm,
a door without a knob,
food without taste,
a desert without sand,
a question-mark without the dot,
dreamhack without computers,
the internet with no websites,
an octopus without tentacles,
an evil doctor without a mad face,
an airplane with no wings or engines,
an e-mail adress without the “@” symbol,
the binary numeral system with no “1”,
a hospital with no doctors,
a torrent without any seeders,
an encyclopedia with no text,
minesweeper with no mines,
thermite without the extreme heat,
a shotgun with no shells,
an alien without a spaceship,
a vampire that can’t suck human blood,
dvd’s with no copyright protection,
the second world war with no hitler,
a skydiver with no parachute,
the 70’s without stupid looking glasses and clothes,
a joke with no punchline,
the new testament without jesus,
the old testament without adam and eve,
the bible without god,
a monster truck with no wheels,
youtube with no videos,
google with no search results,
an internet community without any users,
wikipedia without any articles,
an eye without a pupil,
a cinema without a projector,
jolt cola without the caffeine,
spotify with no songs,
a village with no houses,
harry potter without his scar,
a game console with no games,
and so on…
just one more,

me without a unicycle!


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I’m starting to get kinda’ frustrated now.

1. I can’t connect to the ftp server, so i can’t update the website except for this blog that runs in an iFrame…

2. The guy who has the login information for my domain name “” has apparently been afk for some months. so i can’t redirect the domain to another ftp…


New website.

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I’m working on a new cool website but because i can’t connect to my ftp i can’t upload it 🙁


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the curve wich shows how many visitors i’ve got has gone really high these last days 😛
why does it come so many more people to this site now? but don’t stop it! i want visitors!
have a nice day 😀

New T-shirt!

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Check out my new awesome t-shirt!

Russia Got Talent Fail

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epic fail!